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If you have never visited my Bond Bug Forum please feel free to check it out.

The link is above.
You don't have to join it allows messaging between members you can upload images and its free.


   Regular viewers will have noted I have not updated this site since May 2015. I'm sorry for this.  The site started in 1998 and at the time there was little or no Bond Bug presence on the net. Now days my Bug forum has really taken off - As have the various Facebook pages for the Bug Thus there is not such a demand. But I will be updating the site a lot more often in 2016 as FGU my Bug is undergoing Re Restoration and my New bug is nearly complete.

2015 also necessitated getting a new Laptop and transferring stuff plus other hassles.

On a personal level I am feeling a bit more up beat and want to get on with stuff including selling my latest project.

photo 20151212_141324.jpg

                                                                          This time last year  I had in my shed a Bond Bug Canopy removed from my Bug. This year I still have a canopy only now its straight and the near side should match the rest of the body. For  those of you in the Bug Club I did an article on how to repair this with another article coming up on how to repair guttering.
Its now not the time of year to stand out in a cold shed but I am a lot more motivated this year so watch this space. Updates will be advertised on the forums.

photo IMGP0004_1.jpg

Another hobby of mine dating back to the 1960s is model building. In the last few years I have started this up again. I thought it would be quite a challenge to join 2 tatty Corgi Bond Bug Models together to form a model of the 4 wheeled bug Reliant produced for the 1970 Motor Show. I subsequently sold this on E bay but  it was picked up by a contributor for the die cast and toy collector who featured the Bond Bug and my model in the January 2016 issue. 

photo double bug.jpg

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A first class Club run by really enthusiastic members. You get a Bi monthly Magazine, Regalia, Rallys Spares Etc.
 If you fancy joining or rejoining the club and would like to use PayPal could you add 1.00 This covers the PayPal charges .
Those new to the club would be best to print out the membership form or copy and paste it into a word document.

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   Bug Spares Scheme

If you need a Bug part Please feel free to give Dave a ring on 01424 446078
Proceeds are ploughed back into the scheme to enable the production of some of the rarer Bug Parts.
If you have a need for a part to be re manufactured please feel free to ask.
 E mail .

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